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My family and I had just moved to our new neighborhood, and I wanted to find a yoga class nearby. I was so happy to find Beth’s class right around the corner! While I benefit from all that yoga has to offer, at the time, I think I specifically needed to get a handle on the day-to-day stresses of city life.

My practice with Beth definitely helped me with my goal to “de-stress” and calm my mind, and also benefitted me through stretching and strengthening. Along with Beth’s amazing skill as a teacher and communicator, her warm and friendly personality had me looking forward to class every week! Whether you’re a novice or an advanced yogi, I would highly recommend Beth’s classes to anyone looking for a rewarding yoga experience! Billie Williams, NYC

I found out about Beth’s yoga classes through a colleague at work. I was looking for a form of exercise that resonated with me. The practice of yoga, which combines body, mind, and spirit, is very appealing to me because I feel like I am working on my whole self as well as getting exercise. I was also looking to develop my practice and become stronger and more flexible.

Before taking Beth’s class, my yoga experience was usually part of a warm-up in a dance class. For the first few weeks or months of class with Beth, I enjoyed it, but also had the feeling of ‘ok, when are we going to move?’ I have since come to fully appreciate yoga as a practice in itself. Beth’s yoga classes have also been extremely beneficial to me as a time that is just for me. I leave everything that is going on in my life off of my mat and just focus on my body and my practice. It has been a great stress reliever! I’ve also noticed my placement has definitely improved, and I have become stronger. I have developed a true yoga practice.

I love the gentle mindfulness Beth brings to her classes. It feels much more like she is sharing her practice than teaching class. I also especially love the way she gently corrects us with hands-on adjustments. These adjustments are always affirming and encouraging, and I find they help me to understand the poses better and express them more safely and fully. The heartfelt intent to help us improve our practice is extremely apparent in her touch.

I would recommend Beth and her classes to yogis of all levels. She has a great way of encouraging and teaching beginners as well as challenging those more experienced, even during the same class. Anyone who has the opportunity to practice with Beth is truly blessed. Her knowledge of yoga is extensive and her practice mindfully balances all aspects of yoga: body, mind, and spirit. She brings her whole self to her practice and her teaching, and it is clear that she cares for each of her students and is committed to helping them improve their practice. Beth brings joy and love to every class and that giving of her spirit is what makes her and her classes truly exceptional. Elizabeth McCarthy, Bronx, NY

I started attending Beth’s yoga classes after hearing so many accolades from a few close friends who happened to have her as an instructor. I heard them talk about not only the physical challenges of the classes, but also how much they enjoyed the classes. When Beth opened a studio convenient to travel to I started attending her classes on a weekly basis.

I had been rehabilitating a hamstring injury with regular physical therapy and was interested in exploring whether I could improve my overall flexibility and, of course, posture. Beth’s yoga classes helped me improve the strength of my hamstrings in both thighs, and in general increased my flexibility. I also learned a lot because Beth knows a lot about anatomy and shares that with her classes by explaining and demonstrating how to correctly get into and move through poses.

I gained a great deal from Beth’s classes and workshops. I learned how to get into poses based on how the poses should feel. As a result, I feel more tuned into my body and that helps me to avoid injury. I also learned a few things about anatomy, which Beth incorporates into her classes. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and can very quickly identify how and why a pose is off. A special pleasant surprise for me has been reconnecting with meditation too. I didn't expect that because it hadn’t happened with other yoga classes. She also dedicates and weaves into the practice a spiritual and meditative state, which is just as important as going through the poses. In fact, I think her class more than any other yogi I’ve taken classes with blended the two in such a way that I feel spoiled now. Even though I’m not able to take her classes in Northampton, it’s her guidance I hear in my head. Especially if I have an instructor who is zipping through the poses and I know I’m not doing them correctly as a result.

I enjoyed everything about Beth’s classes and workshops. It was such serendipity to discover her classes. I never could have predicted the positive effect it’s had on my practice. Heather Rolen, NYC

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed my first foray into yoga! I really thought it would be too difficult for me (given my size!) Under your "tutelage" and gentle ministrations I learned the rewards of yoga practice. Lisa Smith NYC

Just today I was at Reflections Yoga (in NYC) checking out a Basic Quick Fix class and my mind was racing from having completed my sixth “to-do” list for the day (and I arrived late – a total no-no, sorry, Beth!). My frenetic state lasted about 10 minutes … or maybe it was five, I wasn’t sure because Beth had us start on our backs and suddenly, quite literally I was grounded. Breathing (what a concept) and moving with purpose (unheard of!) was exactly what I needed to become present and slow down. That hour was the juiciest part of my day – 60 long-lasting, beautiful minutes. Liz at Alignyo (www.alignyo.com)

I initially started taking yoga classes with Beth by chance. A group of coworkers organized a group and hired a yoga instructor to teach at our offices and it was literally across my office. Coincidentally, around that same time, I started becoming curious about yoga, so I gave it a try.

At the beginning, I thought of yoga as a way to stretch my body. After many years of being overweight, I began exercising. The toll of biking and gym exercises on my body was a little hard, so I wanted a practice that would help me gain more flexibility. Unbeknownst to me, the meditative aspect of yoga became another facet that is now part of my daily practice.

By practicing yoga regularly with Beth, my flexibility has increased, and I’ve gained a deeper awareness of body movement. I also learned a lot about technique and proper alignment and have been able to create a home practice. The meditative aspects I learned with Beth have transferred into a personal mindfulness meditation practice as well.

What I enjoyed most from Beth's classes is the personal touch she brings to each class. Beth is always very attentive to one's limitations and challenges, and always provides alternate poses in order to achieve the same effect. She is also knowledgeable on body mechanics and always answers all of my technical questions about body mechanics and alignment.

I would certainly recommend Beth Tascione's yoga classes. Over the years, I’ve introduced her classes to some of my friends, who have ended up loving the experience. Because Beth teaches in a more intimate way, one ends up learning so much more. Nestor Perez-Moliere, NYC

I have been interested in yoga for a very long time, taking classes on and off for several years. After a long period of time not practicing yoga, I began looking for reasonably priced classes in my neighborhood. I looked up on the internet and voilà, I found Beth’s classes. Having been diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago, as well as suffering from glaucoma, I wanted to find out how yoga would help me dealing with these issues, particularly my high blood pressure.

I have experienced many benefits both physically and mentally from practicing yoga. First, Beth encouraged me to develop a steady home practice, which I still do. My home practice is an extension of the class, where I continue exploring my body and mind to help bring the two together. As a result, I am still taking the same dose of the high blood pressure medication that I was originally prescribed when I began taking the class with Beth. So, it must be working!

Beth is very patient and takes time to look for ways to make challenging asanas more approachable. Also, she is always reading and trying to find ways to incorporate the reading into the classes. In addition, each weekly class was devoted to a specific part of the body. And from time to time she would create a series of classes that focused on a particular theme, like the chakras. I will never forget those special classes!

I highly recommend Beth as a teacher for anyone suffering from high blood pressure or anyone with a back or a knee condition that makes them think that yoga is out of reach for them.

Taking class with Beth has been an experience that I will always treasure. Staying in a yoga class for five years is something of an accomplishment in a society where people tend to drop out very early after embarking on a new project. So, in my case, staying committed for so long was thanks to Beth’s professionalism, dedication and sweetness. I really appreciate all her work! Victor Cruz, NYC

Reiki Testimonials

Thank you so much Beth. I feel like the Reiki really helped me get back closer to my normal mental state. The fertility drugs really wrecked havoc on my brain; it’s been so challenging. After that one session with you, I feel calmer and more peaceful. And less pain in my jaw! So thank you so much for that! Chelsea B, MA

Breathe and receive.  With this opening suggestion, Beth creates and Reiki and Restorative Yoga experience that is deeply supportive, calming and transformative.  Beth is attentive to every detail; she creates an environment that is peaceful and soothing as she communicates through her sensitive touch, beautiful voice and gentle presence.  Through her exceptionally skillful practice, Beth invites a state of peaceful stillness, rest and opening. Receive and breathe. Lisa L., Northampton, MA

I had taken a yoga class with Beth at my workplace and appreciated her attention to alignment and posture- the physical side to yoga from which the other benefits can sprout. When I learned she was offering Reiki sessions, I thought it would be interesting to learn about and experience Reiki from someone whose approach to yoga resonated so much with me.

While there wasn’t anything specific I wanted to work on in these sessions, I noticed I always felt much more "smooth" after a Reiki session. It helped me pay attention to the subtle flow within my body rather than just muscles and bones.

One of the things I really enjoyed about working with Beth were the "debriefs" afterwards when we would talk a bit about what we each noticed; often we had both noticed a tension or a release in a certain area. I also enjoyed that she asked if I had a focus for the session. This helped me become more mindful - more intentional and receptive - both in our sessions and in general, helping me experience things through the lens of what I was seeking to focus on: feeling grounded, appreciative, patient, creative, or at times, with no focus at all - just seeing where it leads. I appreciated that Beth would incorporate my focus into her practice as a guide for the session, and I found that it often carried on with me through the week.

Trust is important to me in any medical or physical practitioner, and Beth is very trustworthy both as a yoga teacher and Reiki master, and also as a person. She is caring, attentive, and a good listener. She is also good at translating your observations into actions; good at noticing what might be needed and then choosing what to do about it. I appreciate her skill and perspective, and I consider myself very lucky to have been her client. I have recommended Beth as a Reiki practitioner to friends of mine and would recommend her to anyone in need of Reiki. Rachel Franz, Brooklyn, NY

I came to Reiki because I was dealing with pain and discomfort in my body and was suffering from anxiety. I was unfamiliar with the technique and wanted to find out if it was something that could help me with these issues. While I only had a few sessions with Beth, I experienced a decrease in my physical discomfort and an overall sensation of increased wellness and calmness. What I liked best about working with Beth was her level of expertise and knowledge of how the body works. I also was very comfortable with her hands-on skills - I found the hands-on work to be quite beneficial. I would recommend Reiki sessions with Beth to anyone who has areas of pain, stiffness, discomfort and is willing to tune in to the sensations. Susi Brooks, NYC

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