Happy YOU Day!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching - and it's always a tricky one for me.  As many of you know, parenthood was never in my life’s plan.  But, spending my life with Jonathan was, and it was his desire and persistence that led us down this road of parenthood. In partnership with Jonathan, parenting Maddie Rose has been quite surprisingly wonderful.  While it challenges me every day, I think she’s a pretty amazing kid:  I love her humor and her quirks, and I so admire her inner strength – much of which she has yet to fully realize – and yet I see it.

Maddie, as you might have noticed, calls me Bebe – a name she and Jonathan came up with when she couldn’t say Bethie.  You see, as someone who didn’t really want to be a parent, being called “Mom” or any of the other more traditional derivations of mother just didn’t sit right with me.  While I still can’t articulate fully why that is, I can say that a part of me felt like a fraud taking on that name.  There are so many women out there who do want to be mothers and deserve to be called that, if they want. But somehow that felt inauthentic to me.  And so, I’m Bebe and I love it!

We also don’t really celebrate “Mother’s Day” in the traditional sense.  Again, it just somehow doesn’t feel right to me.  But we do celebrate Bebe’s day, which for simplicity’s sake coincides with Mother’s Day. Bebe’s day is simply just a day where I get to decide how we spend it.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve carved out my own tradition, which usually includes some time alone to run, or take a class, to not be on parent-duty for a bit.  And then, as a family, we take a walk – usually on the Smith College Campus – maybe get a special treat, like a chocolate croissant or an ice cream – very low key, and that feels right to me.


My hope from this, is to remind you all that we can create special days or holidays in ways that honor and best represent who we are and what we believe in; that we have the freedom to create new traditions that reflect and support our unique circumstances.

So, to all of the women who are parents – no matter what you and your kiddos call you – happy YOU day!  I hope you celebrate you this weekend in a way that is meaningful and special to you, and that honors what you value, all that you do, and all that you are.

Peace, Love, and Bliss,


p.s. if you have any special traditions that you’d like to share – hop on over to the Yoga Bliss Facebook page and share with us!

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