Bliss Bites

Take a break and take a rest

15-Oct-2020 - Hi Beth!

Savasana is one of the most important poses in yoga and one of the most delicious, in my estimation. It's important for a variety reasons.

Watch the video to find out more and to enjoy a side-lying Savasana with guided relaxation!

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You're Doing Great!

24-Sep-2020 -
How are you doing? What a year so far! It’s hard to believe it’s already fall! I wanted to check in to say hi, see how you were and to remind you that all that you’ve been doing is great and enough! And I also wanted to remind you to be kind and gentle with yourself. I say this, because it’s something that I struggle with daily. I have this very critical and quite honestly, not-so-nice voice in my head that loves to judge me and doubt me and criticize me. And when I feel like I’m trying my best and giving my all, and things still aren’t happening in the way that I had hoped that voice kicks in and starts yammering away.
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Crack open those books!

04-Sep-2020 - Happy September and happy back-to-school! I know for some of us this September looks a lot different than those of the past. In my home, both Jonathan and Maddie Rose will be "schooling" from home, at least for a little while.

As for me, most of my educational process takes place at home. This year I’m enjoying an online anatomy course, which has been part fun-and-interesting refresher and part mentorship, which is so beneficial. And then of course there is the time on my mat exploring asana and other types of functional and natural movement as well as diving into inspirational and educational reading.

Some of you, over the years, have asked me for book recommendations, so in the spirit of going back to school and deepening our knowledge I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite resources:
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Free up that neck!

17-Aug-2020 - I don't know about you, but I've been experiencing alot more neck discomfort these past few months - hello being on the computer way too much!

If your neck has been a little cranky then check out this practice.

My hope is as you explore this practice at work or at home, that you will experience more freedom, ease and mobility in your neck - even your shoulders and the rest of your spine.

A little mindful movement goes a long way!
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Get Up Outta That Chair

27-Jul-2020 - I hope you've been having a great summer so far! Here's a brief practice that will help you relieve tightness and tension in the front of your thighs and hips, the backs of your legs and your lower back - even your shoulders too!

My hope is as you explore this practice at work or at home, that you will experience more ease and mobility in your body, more freedom in your breathing, and of course, more peace and quiet in your mind and heart.

A little mindful movement goes a long way!
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Meet yourself as you are

14-Jul-2020 - It has been so wonderful to connect with so many of you over zoom these last few months. And while things are slowly opening up, I fully believe that online classes are here to stay. To be honest, I’m really grateful about that, as it has allowed me to reconnect with so many of you in, not only in Massachusetts, but in NYC, Arizona, Colorado, and beyond.

One thing that I have loved about teaching on zoom is something that I have dreamed of in a yoga studio – that feeling of being at home. Seeing you all in your homes, with your partners, kids, and pets has allowed me to feel even more connected to you all. We’ve all been ”invited” into each others’ homes to share some time together, which is so real, special and intimate – it’s like the Mister Rogers of yoga!!

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Supple hands, wrists and shoulders

06-Jul-2020 - If your hands, wrists, even your shoulders are feeling cranky from too much computer time or driving then you will love this practice! Our time together incorporates mudra which can be effective not only in restoring mobility to your fingers and hands, but in restoring a sense of balance and peace.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, add a comment, share it with your friends and co-workers, and subscribe to my youtube page.
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Movement Bite - 3 Moves to keep your spine mobile

23-Jun-2020 - Happy Monday and happy summer! Here are 3 moves you can do in your chair to help keep your spine mobile and feeling great and to help you breathe more easily. Super simple, super effective!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, add a comment, share it with your friends and co-workers, and subscribe to my youtube page.

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Movement Bite - Office yoga for your lower body

18-Jun-2020 - I know some of you are heading back to work, and I didn't want you to feel like you had to abandon your movement practice. If anything, we need to make sure we keep our bodies healthy through mindful movement. Here are 3 poses you can explore in your chair to release tension in the feet, legs, and hips. Try to pepper them in throughout your day so you stay mobile and feeling great!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, add a comment, share it with your friends and co-workers, and subscribe to my youtube page.

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Let's Get Playful!

01-Jun-2020 - Happy June! The theme this week is to find the playfulness in our practice. Our yoga and movement practices are so important, but they can also be fun. Today I invite you to bring a playful and curious attitude to your practice and have fun!

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Happy Feet!

21-May-2020 - Here's a brief video to get your toes a tappin'! We stand on our feet, we smush them into shoes, we run, we walk. This video is geared to showing your feet some love so they can feel happy again!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, add a comment, share it with your friends and subscribe to my youtube page.

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What can you do in 5 minutes?

14-May-2020 -
How are things going? Have you been spending lots of time in front of the computer, working? I know I have!
I wanted to share with you today a technique I learned a few years ago from a business coach named Racheal Cook It’s called the Pomodoro technique, and I find it really effective to stay productive and not burn out. It's also really quite simple to implement. The basic idea is that you work in 25 minute chunks and then take a 5 minute break to do something else. For example, if you love checking Facebook or your email, you could do that during your 5 minute break, and then after your 5 minute break you’d go back and do another 25 minute chunk of work.
I’ve been thinking about it in terms of bringing more movement into our lives. In those 5 minute breaks you could do a little movement practice. Think about it, if you worked 8 hours during the day you’d get in 80 minutes worth of movement over the course of the day – how awesome is that?!
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Unwind with a yummy twist

04-May-2020 - Here's a brief practice to help you unwind the tension in your spine, open your chest and mobilize your shoulder. I also included a little hip/inner thigh release. Super yummy all around!

As always, I hope you enjoy the practice, and I hope you keep finding ways to bring a little bit of movement into your life throughout your day.

Stay well, and I will look forward to seeing you soon!

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Make some room

27-Apr-2020 - If you've been sitting a bit more, then you are going to love this. Here's a brief practice to help you make a little more room in the front of your hip, which can get tight from sitting in a chair for extended periods of time. Opening up tight hip flexors can also create a little more ease in your lower back.

I hope you enjoy the practice and the feeling a space, and I hope you keep finding ways to bring a little bit of movement into your life throughout your day.

Stay well, and I will look forward to seeing you soon!

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Outer hip release in 3 ways - YUM!

20-Apr-2020 - Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking about you!

Here is a quick practice to find a little release for your outer hip. We'll explore ankle-to-knee pose, or figure 4 pose, 3 different ways!

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you keep finding ways to bring a little bit of movement into your life throughout your day.

Stay well, and I will look forward to seeing you soon!

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Movement Bite: Get your whole body movin'!

13-Apr-2020 - I hope everything is well in your world. Here is a short practice to get your whole body moving in all planes of motion. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you keep finding ways to bring a little bit of movement into your life throughout your day.

Stay well, and I will look forward to seeing you soon!

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Let's get movin' & groovin', NOW

06-Apr-2020 - ​How are you holding up?
I know for us, the first week was kind of fun and novel. We had a blast creating our home school, The Nutting School, where you learn. …Nutting. Week 2, however, was a little bit of a sophomore slump – the novelty having worn off. Week 3 we started getting into a groove, but I felt like I had to keep coming up with things to keep it fresh for Maddie to stay engaged. Now, here we are in week 4. I don’t know what this week will be like, but I do know, that with each passing week of being home, each passing week of shifting weather, we are working on getting out of the house more and more and MOVING our bodies more and more.
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Take a Movement Break! Free up your shoulders & neck

02-Apr-2020 - Here at the Nutting School, our make-shift home-school, we make movement breaks a regularly scheduled part of our day, and it got me thinking that we all need movement breaks to help us feel better, more focused, less tight, and just to get our bodies moving!

So, I've created this brief Movement Bite to help you free up the tension in your shoulders and neck.

My hope is that you can incorporate this and upcoming Movement Bites throughout your day and make movement an integrated part of your day.

Stay well and keep moving, dear friend!

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10 Simple Poese to Wake You Up!

10-Mar-2020 - As you know, I've been teaching more and more private yoga sessions, and LOVING it! I get to work some really amazing people, for which I am super grateful. Some of the folks I've been working with privately have wanted help developing their own home practice, which is something I love to do. After all, that is how my love for yoga and my desire to teach it grew.

So, I thought I'd share with you a simple morning practice that you can do every day to wake you up and help you begin your day in a calm, yet energized way.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent.
Breathe 3 conscious breaths.
Then, ask yourself, "How do I want to be today?" "What words, qualities do I want to align myself with?"
Begin the following practice with that intention in mind!

I hope you enjoy this practice! Please email me or post on our Facebook page and share your thoughts!

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Invite Happiness & Joy

11-Feb-2020 - My mornings often begin like this: up between 5 & 5:15, on my mat or writing between 5:15 & 6:10, out for a dog walk between 6:10 & 6:40.
I struggle with these dark, cold, early-morning walks because a) it’s dark, b) it’s cold, c) it’s early. But that’s been our routine since we’ve moved to western Massachusetts so that Jonathan can get to work on time.
This winter, however, despite the darkness and cold, I’ve been a little less cranky about our morning walks. Each day that passes feels a step closer to the warmth of our awaiting spring. Each day that passes brings us a little more light. In fact, I’ve taken to observing the changes in the sky each morning. Today, at about 6:25am, the sky was streaked with light-blue bands, hinting at the day to come. And by 6:40am, when we arrived back on our porch, darkness was lifting to reveal a gray-blue beginning of the day.
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Living Intentionally

16-Jan-2020 - ​Happy January! I hope your new year is off to a great start! One thing we’ve been focusing on in my classes is the power of intention: setting intentions for our asana practices as well as setting intentions for our day-to-day living. Sometimes the two dovetail and sometimes they don’t, but nevertheless setting an intention can offer clear guidance to our actions, thoughts, and words. Richard Miller wrote that intentions ”…are powerful internal agreements that you make with yourself and then express through your actions, whether it’s in your relationships, work or on your yoga mat or meditation cushion.”
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Deep Relaxation in Just 10 Minutes!

30-Dec-2019 - As we move into the cold and dark of winter, I wanted to make sure you had some tools to help you experience deep rest & relaxation.

When you think you don't have time to rest and take care of yourself, that's exactly the time you need to stop, lie down and breathe.

I hope you enjoy this guided relaxation practice and are able to feel a little more relaxed, peaceful and balanced.
You can enjoy the practice by clicking here!

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Sleep Tight

17-Dec-2019 - ​One of our Yoga Bliss community members asked me to come up with a practice to help us ease into slumber. I love hearing how I can support you, so thank you for that request.
As we already know, every body is different, and everyone’s day to day experiences are different as well. If you’ve been sitting all day then you might want and need to move your body gently to help it unwind. And if you’ve been moving around a lot, maybe the best choice is to pop your legs up on a chair or against the wall and just rest.
Given all of that, I’ve created a brief and gentle movement practice that you can explore in its entirety, or pick pieces to practice, as part of your bedtime wind-down routine.
You can enjoy the practice by clicking here!
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Meet Yourself Again and Again

03-Dec-2019 -
The other day I was helping a student in one of my restorative yoga classes adjust the prop set-up to support him more fully. As we were shifting a few blankets around he said something to the effect that he was tight and had some tension, as if to apologize. I replied, “No problem, we can work with that.” But what I wished I had added, in that moment, was the simple reminder that we all come to this practice as we are. We all bring what we bring to the mat.

If you’re tight and tense – that’ s ok.
If you’re overwhelmed and stressed, that’s ok
If you’re angry and sad, that’s ok
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So Grateful

06-Nov-2019 -
Back in 2016, my word for the year was community, and three years later it is still a really important word and concept for me. I’m realizing now that it always has been. Being in a community, be it of singers, actors, dancers, runners, yoga teachers, yoga students, parents, friends is what excites me the most; I love being with a group of people who share common interests and values – I love that feeling of connection. I’ve sought it out since I can remember, and I still find myself craving to be in community, which is why I continue to teach group classes here in Northampton and in New York City twice a year. There is something so powerful and moving about sharing class with people who love yoga as much as I do, who are curious about movement and living a movement-rich life, and who want to move their bodies with awareness and live with more mindfulness.
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Beginner's Mind

25-Oct-2019 - ​At the beginning of each new year I choose a word to guide my actions and choices. This year my word was curiosity. With that word guiding me, I’ve been exploring different types of movement practices like Functional Range Conditioning, and natural movement, as well as strength training classes at my local YMCA - things that have piqued my curiosity. I love moving my body and seeing how new ways of movement challenge my body and brain. It’s not only fun and engaging to move in new ways, but also refreshing. While some of the movements seem similar to yoga poses, they feel different because I’m engaging my muscles differently.
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Get ready for Downward Dog

17-Oct-2019 - Adho Mukha Svanasana, a.k.a Downward Facing Dog Pose, is a pose we do a lot in our asana practice, especially if you do a vinyasa or flow practice. Honestly, down dog is a favorite of mine: I love the feeling of length in my spine, the opening in my ribs for my breath, the release in my calf muscles. I also love how strong I feel in my arms and shoulders. And, of course, I love being upside down without having to take my feet off the ground!
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Letting Go...a Little

17-Sep-2019 - ​
Happy fall! As always this time of year is full of shifts and transitions. Jonathan and Maddie Rose are back at school, and my schedule is slowly re-filling with classes. We had such a lovely summer that it’s been hard to let it go, but let it go we must, if nothing else but to open space for the beauty and bounty of this new dynamic season.
This summer was actually a personal practice in letting go…just a little. I visited NYC in June and decided to teach one class instead of two; I decided not to teach my Monday night class this summer; I decided to let go of offering Reiki sessions for the summer; and I decided not to pressure myself to write any blog posts for the month of August.
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Feel the Calm of Ujjayi Breath

10-Jul-2019 - ​
If you've ever felt those feelings of stress, anxiety, even frustration and anger welling up within you, and you weren't sure how to manage them in a really productive way, here's a simple practice you can try. This practice can be really useful, especially if you can't sit in a "formal" meditation or unroll your yoga mat. The one thing you can come back to again and again, at any time, any place, is your breath.
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A Soothing Practice for Every Day!

08-Jul-2019 - Welcome to our final installment of the Practice With Me series. I really hope these videos have helped you establish your own home practice and supported you in committing to yourself, your well-being and your practice.
Today's asana practice focuses on moving gently with the rhythm of your breath to help soothe your nervous system.
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Breathing & Meditation to Open Your Heart

03-Jul-2019 -
We are half-way through week 3! Is your practice starting to feel a little more like an integrated part of your life? I hope so!
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Strong back - open heart!

01-Jul-2019 - How has your practice been going? I truly hope you've been able to practice a little movement, breathing, meditation (or a lot!) every day.
One thing that helps me to keep my pracitce going is establishing a regular time to practice and holding that time as sacred. I usually practice in the mornings before anyone esle is up so I have quiet time to journal, move, and meditate - even if it's just for 20 minutes. Of course, there are those days that when unexpected interruptions arise, like my kiddo waking up sick, so I also try to have a little flexibility with it so that my practice time is both is sacred and malleable. And that is why I'm sharing with you longer asana practices as well as shorter breathing and meditation sessions - so you have options based on the busy-ness of your day. I don't want anything to get in the way of you taking care of yourself!
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Meditation made simple

26-Jun-2019 - How has your practice been going? I hope you've been able to enjoy at least 5 minutes for yourself each day this week.
Here's your mid-week check in: Meditate on this moment . You'll feel a deep sense of calm and ease immediately!
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Side bends to help you breathe

24-Jun-2019 - ​How did last week go? Were you able to practice something every day?
It's less about making 60 + minutes of practice the priority and more about making yourself the priority. So if 5 minutes is all you have , then make yourself and your well-being the priority for those 5 minutes, and really be fully present with yourself and your experience for those 5 minutes!
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Breathing Made Simple

20-Jun-2019 - How has your practice been going? I hope you've been able to carve out even 5 minutes each day this week.
Here's your first mid-week check in: a Simple breathing practice you can do anywhere.
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Your Foundational Grounding Asana Practice

17-Jun-2019 - Without discipline there is no art.
LIVING YOUR YOGA: The art of yoga comes from the consistency of discipline. Today resolve to practice for the next twenty-one days without missing a single one. Note it on your calendar.
(from A Year of Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater)
One of my most favorite and most influential teachers has been Judith Lasater. I’ve had the great privilege of studying with her several times, and I'm always amazed and inspired by her depth of knowledge about the body, the yoga practice and her depth of wisdom about life. I learn so much each time I’m in her presence or read her books.
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It's O.K to be kind & gentle with yourself

17-May-2019 - Whew, it’s been a really busy couple of months on my end. Some of the busyness has been really good and exciting (like a class that I’m taking, teaching classes to an amazing community, and planning Easter and Maddie’s birthday), and some of it has just been pain old challenging (like prepping taxes, managing a sick kiddo and a sick dog).

Lately, my morning meditations have been really brief – and honestly they have turned into mini-meditations throughout the day – which I’ve come to value deeply. During these mini-meditations, leaning into my breath has been the most useful tool. Just pausing and taking a few conscious breaths has saved me time and time again from acting in less-than-constructive ways. Those few moments with my breath allow me enough time to slow down, re-group and shift toward a more settled and grounded place.
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Manage Your Stress with Reiki

09-Apr-2019 - Happy April and Happy National Stress Awareness Month!
How have you been feeling lately? Happy and healthy, I hope! But despite all of our best efforts to feel happy and healthy, each of us is affected by stress at some point in our lives. And just as each one of us manifests the effects of stress differently (headaches, stomachaches, acne, insomnia, high blood pressure…), each one of us manages stress uniquely as well. I think it’s vital to have tools in place to help us manage stress so it doesn’t become chronic and debilitating.
We’ve talked about the effects of stress in past Bliss Bites, but the long and short of it is that when we are in a chronic state of stress, it’s like we are constantly being chased by a tiger. Our body’s fight or flight response kicks in, increasing our heart rate, blood pressure and mental alertness. Our adrenal glands, which are located above the kidneys, secrete adrenaline when there is an emergency or perceived danger. When we are in a chronic state of stress, our adrenal glands can become overworked, negatively impacting our overall health.
Deep rest and relaxation are key elements for dealing with stress. When we practice relaxation techniques, we slow our actions down, ultimately moving into stillness so that we allow the muscles to stop engaging, which allows the heart rate to drop and the blood pressure to decrease, creating the environment for the brain to quiet.
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Make Room for YOU!

25-Mar-2019 - If you haven’t noticed, self- care is really important to me –and not just for me – FOR YOU! I want you to experience the nourishment, the fulfillment, the joy, and the energy that comes from radically taking good care of yourself.

In my opinion, self-care can be practiced in a variety of ways. Each one of us is different, so we each have different needs and find nourishment from different sources. Just the other day I was sitting in the lobby where Maddie was taking circus class, and these four women were talking with each other, exchanging stories, experiences, tips - laughing, enjoying each other, lighting up by this connection. You could feel the freedom and ease around them. In that moment I realized this was their version of self-care. Another woman on the other side of the room was knitting - gentle, calm relaxed movements creating the stitches to a gorgeous project. This was her version of self-care. I was writing - that was what I needed in that moment to take care of me.
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Reiki self-care practice for YOU

24-Mar-2019 - Enjoy this soothing practice and restore balance!
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Do Something for YOU!

07-Mar-2019 - ​Welcome to March! It’s hard to believe we are already 3 months in to 2019! How has your new year been going? Have you been able to honor your word/intention thus far? I’m still letting curiosity guide me this year…more to come on that in another post.
Last week, Jonathan and Maddie Rose were off for mid-winter school break. As always, it was a little challenging to find the week’s rhythm as I was still operating in regular work mode.
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Stay Healthy

20-Feb-2019 - I hope you’re having a healthy and vibrant start to the new year!
Ours has been good – but sadly filled with lots of sickness. Maddie started off the new year with a flu that lasted over a week, phew. And as I write this, Jonathan is wrapped up in blankets with a fever. Needless to say, I’m a little tired as I try to keep things moving along here and work hard to not get sick.
It’s challenging when your loved ones are sick. You want to care for them, and keep things on track with the rest of the goings-on, all the while trying to keep yourself healthy and strong.
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What's Your Intention?

30-Jan-2019 - It’s hard to believe that January is almost over. The new year is always a good time to pause and reflect on how you are doing life: is it in line with what you need, want, and value?

For the past few years I’ve been picking a word to use as a guiding light for the year, and as I make choices, both professionally and personally throughout the year, I check in to see if those choices not only align with my values, but also with my word. Are the choices in support
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The New 3 Rs

19-Dec-2018 - Aah friends, we are well into December, the solstice and winter are quickly approaching, and with that comes our inner call to go inward and get quiet; to slow down a bit; to rest and restore ourselves. In fact, all of nature is taking time to rest and restore? Are you?
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3 poses to help you rest, relax, restore

17-Dec-2018 - Here are 3 delicious poses designed to help you rest easy, relax deeply, restore fully. Enjoy!
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3 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

07-Nov-2018 - Happy November friends! As you’ve likely heard me say before, this time of year is my favorite time of year, this month is my favorite month, and the practice of gratitude is one of my most favorite practices! It’s something I consistently practice to help me stay in touch with all that is good and working in my life .I know for myself, it’s rather easy to fall down the rabbit hole of negativity and focus on all that is not as I want it to be. So I’ve made the practice of gratitude a priority in my life.
I’ve found that practicing gratitude has the power to reset my perspective, shifting me out of negative thoughts and feelings of lacking, back toward feelings of fullness and richness. It brings me back to the present moment, inviting me to see and put my attention on whatever is right in front of me at that moment. It invites me to let go of limiting thoughts, and it opens my heart so I feel lighter in my heart and mind. It shifts my outlook so that I can tap into a more positive, productive, and clear frame of mind.
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Busy Days Practice

23-Oct-2018 - I totally get it… life is busy!

Some days we just don’t have two minutes to ourselves, let alone 60minutes for a well-rounded yoga practice .But does that mean we should just give up and do nothing? No way…a little yoga goes a long way.
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Ditch the slump

27-Sep-2018 - How is your shift from summer to fall going? Ours is going great! But I have noticed I’m spending a bit more time at the computer, and Jonathan is sitting more and more, grading papers. So overall, lots more sitting and lots more chances to slump and slouch. Not so great!
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Be You Always!

10-Sep-2018 - A few weeks ago I went to see the Mister Rogers movie “Won’t you be my neighbor?”, and I LOVED IT!!!

As you know I’m a big Mister Rogers fan – from the time I was a kid to when I started watching it again with Maddie Rose a few years ago. While she has moved on to the Magic School Bus, I still think about the teachings of Mister Rogers and of his soft gentle way. I savor the memory of the sweetness, the kindness, the honesty, the slowness, the quietness that Mister Rogers created and exuded – it is so amazing and refreshing.

Two things struck me so deeply after watching the move.
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Not too tight; not too loose

15-Aug-2018 - Observations from my mat: I was re-reading parts of Cyndi Lee’s Yoga Body, Buddha Mind last week and came across a passage about finding the middle path with our practice - not too tight, not too loose.This idea of not too tight and not too loose is a simple and yet a deeply experiential expression of Sthira Sukham Asanam from the Yoga Sutras – a teaching that reminds us that every pose should be both steady and easeful; every pose should be created with equal parts effort or engagement and ease or softness.
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25-Jul-2018 - One thing my practice (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki) has taught me over the years, is to notice: to notice how I’m feeling, to notice my reactions to notice my breathing…you get the idea.
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10 Ways to Keep Your Practice Growing

25-Jun-2018 - Happy Summer!
Practice can mean so many different things, in terms of activities – we can practice an instrument, practice running, practice baking or cake decorating, practice a sport – you get the gist.

When I think about practice, I first think of asana – moving my body with awareness; moving with my breath. But since I’ve begun incorporating a more formal sitting meditation into my life this year, that too has become a part of my practice, as has journaling. And, I’ve begun to sing a little bit again – just some vocalizes a couple of times a week for about 15 minutes - and that has become practice as well.
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10 Ways to Keep Your Practice Going and Growing!

22-Jun-2018 - Check out the list here!
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Start your day with this!

25-May-2018 - The long weekend is upon us, and I just wanted to share a brief self-care practice so you had it over the weekend
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Self-care? Oh Yeah!

24-Apr-2018 - Self-care is something that I’ve been consciously focusing on for some time now. I wrote about it back in 2016, and I’ve been trying to honor my self-care practices to the best that I’m able. I’ve even created an 8 week course to help women discover the practices that feed them and to help them begin to weave self-care more consistently and realistically into their lives.
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Live Your Yoga with Truth

04-Apr-2018 - The journey continues…This past week we’ve been looking at living our yoga through the lens of Satya or truth (truthfulness, honesty, integrity…). Satya shares the same Sanskrit root Sat – which means ”that which is.”
I’ve been thinking about the practice of Satya a lot these last few weeks as I heal from an injury (not yoga related at all) which has prevented me from practicing asana. I’ve had to be completely honest and truthful with myself about my limitations (i.e. no real physical activity beyond walking and basic activities.) and respect them fully or risk reinjuring myself. I've simply had to be with what is, with regard to my body, which is a body that is healing.
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Live Your Yoga: Strengthen Your Awareness Muscles

15-Mar-2018 - So, we continue on with our journey of how our yoga practice can live off the mat and out of the four walls of the studio. This past week in my classes we focused on the practice of awareness.

Every time we step onto the mat, we are invited to become aware: to become aware of our breath, to become aware of the sensations in our bodies, to become aware of the thoughts and the quality of our mind. It’s all about turning inward to see where we are at any given moment – to step into the space of the present moment and to stay, as much as we can, in tune with what is happening within us moment by moment.

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Live Your Yoga: The Power of Intention

02-Mar-2018 - You know I love this practice of yoga.It amazes me every day! Not only is it a physical practice, but it is also a breath-centered practice, a meditative practice and a practice that can completely inform, affect and transform the way we live our lives, if we allow it to.
The Yoga Sutras lay out for us the 8 limbs of yoga, which in fact include asana(the poses essentially), pranayama (the breathing essentially), dhyana (the meditation, preceded by bringing our sense awareness inward, concentrating on one thing, like the breath, and merging with that item of concentration).But before all of that are guidelines for living - a moral code, if you will – the yamas and the niyamas.
Given the popularity of the physical practice of yoga, I feel like the yamas and the niyamas are given a bit less attention.I like to think of the yamas and the niyamas as the “10 commandments” – guidelines for living your life – as they relate to your interactions with yourself and the world around you.And while I’m not going to go into each one of them here (each could be a Bliss Bite on its own), I want to bring to light the power of living your yoga off the mat.It’s something that I’m always working on, and have been focusing on in my classes this past week.
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Reiki & You

12-Feb-2018 - In our last Bliss Bite, I shared a little bit about my personal experiences with Reiki, and how Reiki has supported me in feeling more centered, more at ease, providing me with a sense of clarity, and an overall feeling of internal organization.
Today, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve observed and heard directly from those I’ve had the privilege of sharing Reiki with just so you can see how Reiki has helped others and how it might help and support you!
Reiki can help in a variety of ways. Recently a client came to me for Reiki. Her back was bothering her - a chronic discomfort she experiences. We did a little bit of yoga targeted to help relieve some of the tension in and around her back muscles and then did a 45 minute Reiki session. After the session she said her back felt great, and even a few days later she shared with me that her back continued to feel looser.
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Reiki & Me

24-Jan-2018 - Recently a friend of mine asked me about Reiki – what it was, how did I get into it, what it was all about… - she didn’t really understand it, and wanted to learn more. You know what, I didn't really get it either, not when I first experienced it. My first Reiki session was a mini-session– about 15-20 minutes long, and I didn’t really feel anything except a feeling of relaxation, which was nice. But I think I was expecting something more or different -maybe something more concrete, like a massage, or some deeper sense of release and openness in my body. What I didn’t realize was that Reiki was working on a deeper level than just my physical body. It was working on something I couldn’t really feel or touch – the energy within me.
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Celebrating Diversity

10-Jan-2018 - Just before the holidays, I had the great privilege of attending a winter solstice assembly at Maddie Rose’s elementary school. Families and friends were invited to attend, which made it feel like a community celebration, rather than simply a fun, school event. The second grade students were featured at this assembly, sharing paper lanterns that they made as well as videos they created where they shared what they learned about a variety of different winter holidays and traditions. Not only did we learn about Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa, but we also learned from them about Diwali, St. Lucia’s Day, Three Kings Day, Ramadan and of course the winter solstice.
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Kindness all the Time

20-Dec-2017 - Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalia Lama
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With Deep Gratitude

22-Nov-2017 - Last week was one of those up & down crazy weeks. I was coming down off the high of having spent a whole day in NYC reconnecting and sharing classes with our NYC Yoga Bliss community. To say my heart was full would be an understatement…I was overflowing with joy, and light, and gratitude to be able to get together, be in community, picking up right where we left off. Yet, heading into the week I found it difficult to find the rhythm: there was a lot going on, and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the cooking, the shopping, the laundry, the teaching, the prepping for my next course, the shuttling of Maddie Rose to where she needed to be…I just felt out of synch.
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Get Grounded Part 2

03-Nov-2017 - The temperature has finally dipped toward freezing, and it's really feeling like late fall up in MA.  We've experienced some major rain storms with powerful wind gusts - it's a wonder there are still leaves on the trees!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy these last few weeks of Fall while you ground and center yourself:
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Simple Sequence to Balance Vata

10-Oct-2017 - Cow-Cat-Child's Pose Sequence to Balance Vata
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Happy Fall Y'all

06-Oct-2017 - Happy October!!  If I haven’t said it before, I love this time of year: the colors of the leaves as they shift from the vibrant greens of spring and summer to the earthy and majestic reds, oranges, yellows and browns; the crispness of the air and the way it smells – both fruity and earthy-musty; the longer nights, which for me feel cozy and comforting; I even love the foods that are being harvested like apples and pumpkins and squashes.  But it's a big shift as we move from the expansive days and heat of summer toward the long cold nights of winter.  And given all the changes that are happening in nature it’s easy to feel out of balance and ungrounded.
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Happy Back to school: Happy back to practice!

20-Sep-2017 - Happy September and happy back-to-school time!  It’s so wild to see the rise in class participants in my yoga classes as we head into September.  It seems like no matter what kind of work we are engaged in we still carry that mentality of getting back into our regular routine once September rolls around.  But truthfully,  you can recommit to your yoga practice any time you want – you don’t have to wait for the back to school energy or the beginning of the new year to give you kick in the tush.
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Feel great while you travel!

10-Aug-2017 - We are in the thick of summer, and what a beautiful summer it has been so far! 

We actually got to go away for a week – a mix of some time off for play and exploration, and some time to learn and meet amazing people. 
It felt so wonderful to free ourselves of the day-to-day tasks of cooking and cleaning, even walking the pups, and to simply be together, enjoying each others’ company.  It was also very freeing to unplug a bit, and not worry about emails and work responsibilities – to just be. While some days were a little more structured, others were wide open allowing for things to happen with a sense of looseness and spaciousness. How nourishing!!
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5 Poses to keep you Feeling Great

09-Aug-2017 - Enjoy these 5 Poses to help you feel great while you travel!
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A Hit of Inspiration for You!

25-Jul-2017 - I came across this poem about a month ago, believe it or not, on the back of a lighting catalogue.  It touched me and resonated with me so I thought I’d share it with you:
“Be easy. Take your time. You are coming home. To yourself.” Nayyirah Waheed
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Get Outside & Play!

03-Jul-2017 - Happy summer dear friends!  It’s such a wonderful time of year to be outside – to play, to ride bikes, to run, to picnic…and of course to practice yoga! 
One of my favorite things during my summers as a yoga teacher in NYC was to practice and teach free yoga in our neighborhood park. Luckily, I’ve been able to do some outdoor yoga here in Northampton too.
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REST: You Know You Need It!

13-Jun-2017 - Several weeks ago, I began teaching Discover Bliss, a self-care class for women who don't think they have time for self care.  In each class the participants experience self-care practices like gentle and restorative yoga, Reiki, meditation…while they are discovering for themselves what self-care means, what practices and activities light them up, and how they can bring all of that into their lives in a more consistent and realistic way.  It has ben a joy to share this class with this amazing group of women. 

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Happy YOU Day!

10-May-2017 - Mother’s Day is quickly approaching - and it's always a tricky one for me.  As many of you know, parenthood was never in my life’s plan.  But, spending my life with Jonathan was, and it was his desire and persistence that led us down this road of parenthood. In partnership with Jonathan, parenting Maddie Rose has been quite surprisingly wonderful.  While it challenges me every day, I think she’s a pretty amazing kid:  I love her humor and her quirks, and I so admire her inner strength – much of which she has yet to fully realize – and yet I see it.
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Bliss Bite 78: National Stress Awareness Month

25-Apr-2017 - Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month?  Listen, we all are affected by stress in some way or another.  And just as each one of us manifests the effects of stress differently (headaches, stomachaches, acne, insomnia, high blood pressure…), each one of us manages stress uniquely as well.  I think it’s vital to have tools in place to help us manage stress so it doesn’t become chronic and debilitating.

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3 Poses to Help You Manage Stress

23-Apr-2017 - Enjoy this brief practice designed to help you still your body, quiet your mind and ease your stress level.
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3 Poses to Awaken Your Inner Strength - Part 1

09-Mar-2017 - Happy March! Last week was one of those up and down weeks.  The up was having Jonathan home for mid-winter break. The down was losing Maddie Rose’s long-time lovey, “Meow”. It was hard on all of us. Meow, who has been with Maddie since she was about 3 weeks old, brought her such comfort and security. 
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3 Poses to Awaken Your Courage and Inner Strength

07-Mar-2017 - Here are 3 poses to awaken and reconnect with your inner strength and courage.
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Connect In to Connect Out

24-Jan-2017 - As I’ve continued to think about building community, I was reminded that in order to build community and be in community we need to be open enough to connect with someone or something. We have to be willing to peel off some of the protective layers we all put on so that we can let ourselves out and let others in.
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Choose to Connect

10-Jan-2017 - “When we embrace our importance, we are living our connection with others and the world around us. In this state, we can change the world. Just a kind gesture or a generous word can change another’s day. Stopping to pay attention to what another person may need right now in her life and helping when appropriate can change that person’s life. Connection is that process of knowing our importance to the Whole, as well as comprehending that others share this importance with us. When we do so, we are less likely to hate or fear. We can rest, secure in the knowledge that we are all eternal threads in the grand design.” Judith Lasater, Living Your Yoga.
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Double Down on the Good!

20-Dec-2016 - As we draw toward the end of another year and reflect on 2016, it's so tempting to focus on all the things that didn’t go the way we hoped, with the intention of fixing them to make 2017 even better.  And while I agree on learning and growing from our mistakes, I’m curious about looking at things from a slightly different perspective.
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A Gift for You

06-Dec-2016 - “It’s okay to do something nice for yourself.”
From It’s okay to be different by Todd Parr.
Isn’t that a nice reminder, especially as we move into this gift-giving time?  I can’t tell you how many times I say things like, “I don’t really need that,” or “I’ll just run tomorrow – I should really dust the house,” or  “I can wait 'til after Christmas to get my hair cut and dyed.”  In the grand scheme of things none of those things takes that much time and preparation or even costs that much money…it’s just that so many other things seem to push me and my needs off of the top of the list.

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Blessings to You

23-Nov-2016 - As I move into this holiday season, I find my usual anticipation and excitement tempered by the post-election uncertainty and unease I still feel.  In talking with friends and students, I’ve found I’m not alone in that experience.

As I think about how to fully embrace this season in the way that I’d like, not only for me, but for my daughter, who at 4 doesn’t really understand the impact our president-elect and his potential staff will have on her and the world, I’ve realized that holding both the feelings of uncertainty and fear alongside with the feelings of excitement and joy is really and truthfully all I can do. It’s important to stay connected to everything that is in your heart and your gut – the truth in your heart and your gut is real and not to be ignored. 
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Express Gratitude

09-Nov-2016 - I write to you with deep sadness in my heart, which I know is shared by some of you and not by others.  As we land on the other side of the election, I draw strength from this practice of yoga - from breathing and moving mindfully, from meditation, from the teachings that remind me to not only stay in the present moment and be with what is real and true, but to also find gratitude for what is still working and positive in my life so that I am not paralyzed by the sadness.  So with that I say to you all, Happy November.  I do in fact love this month, partly because it’s my birthday month and my anniversary month, but mostly because of Thanksgiving.  I deeply love Thanksgiving –  I think it’s my favorite holiday.  There’s something magical about it – and not just because it’s the kick off to the holiday season and all those Hallmark channel holiday movies, which I’m a sucker for :-). I find that there’s a genuine warmth and sweet simplicity to Thanksgiving. I love my family’s tradition of being together – family and dear friends - sharing a home-cooked meal; I love baking and sharing those sweeties with the people I love; I love the feeling of taking care each other.  Love and gratitude seem to fuel this holiday.
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Are you seeing red?

18-Oct-2016 - What I wanted to be such a glorious, exciting morning turned into a grouch-fest melt-down. It was Maddie’s first day of her last year at the magical day-care/pre-school she’s been attending since we moved to MA. I was feeling sad at the thought that this was her last year there, and wistful for those early days of day care when I would get her ready and keep her on schedule, because it was my schedule – there was never really any morning stress or worry. 
Now that Maddie is 4, we have quite a different scenario: I go in to the room of a 4-year-old who hates getting out of bed, whom I can barely lift out of bed, and whom I have to expend tons of energy cajoling and delighting and tricking out of bed just to eat breakfast; a 4-year-old who sometimes wants my help and other times doesn’t; a 4-year-old who sometimes seems like 4 going on 40, and other times 4 going on 2.  On this particular day, I encountered both!
Soon after waking, getting somewhat dressed, and eating breakfast our morning quickly dissolved into a puddle of not wanting to finish getting dressed and resistance about leaving.  We’ve been talking about the zones of regulation in my family a lot over the last few months. 

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Get Back to Green Tool Box

18-Oct-2016 - Stop talking, stop moving
Get down on the ground –sitting, even lying down, just to physically ground yourself
Take one breath and then another and then another – feel the breath moving in and out
Feel your feelings – whatever they are, as dark and mean and murky as they are
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It's You We Like!

29-Sep-2016 - We started watching Mister Rogers a few months ago with Maddie. We had no idea how she’d take to it -  a) because she doesn’t watch that much TV and 2) what she had been used to watching was a little bit of Sesame Street, with its high energy and fast-paced style.   Well, she took to him in no time flat.  She, like I at her age, was mesmerized by him.  He was talking to her and she was really listening to him.  And to be honest, Jonathan and I got sucked right in as well.  The way he communicated to the camera, his slow paced tempo, his quiet, sweet energy - all so calming and comforting and grounding….A little like yoga, no? Truth be told, I find myself actually craving to watch the show – to be lulled into that sweet, simple, innocent space of the “neighborhood”.  To be in the “presence” of someone who seems genuine and honest – true to himself in some way.
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Self-Care - what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

14-Sep-2016 - What do you think of when you think of Self-Care?

My immediate thoughts go to vacations at resorts or retreats with massages, having no cell phone/internet connection, someone making me food, someone else doing the cleaning and the laundry, having the days unfold out before me completely open for running, taking yoga classes, and meditating, having nowhere to be, going to bed early, getting up a little later – sounds really delicious, right?!

Realistically, however, we may not have the time or the funds to make these kinds of things our regular self-care practices.  I know I can’t, anyway. That said, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on the idea of self-care completely just because we can’t go away on a retreat for 10 days.  Instead, we can start to look for the opportunities to feed ourselves throughout each day.  Anytime we do something good for us, it is an act of self-care; if it feeds you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, it is self-care.
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Beth's Self-Care Menu

14-Sep-2016 - Beth’s Self-Care Menu

Making well-being a priority

· yoga (60-90 minutes every morning)
· meditation (10 minutes every morning - I’m adding this in a more committed and specific way this fall, rather than just lumping it into my yoga time)
· running (3 days/week)
· reiki self-care practice (every night, even if I fall asleep doing it)
· long, before-bed showers
· reading (10 minutes before bed)
· writing in my gratitude journal (every night before bed)
· working on not working after 9pm so I can get 7 hours of sleep each night

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Being Human is Being You!

24-Aug-2016 - I recently read this wonderful book called, Becoming Nicole. It was about a young person’s journey toward realizing the person she was meant to be. Nicole was born Wyatt, but from a very, very young age knew that he was meant to be a girl – that somehow he was not in the body he was meant to be in. Luckily, her parents supported her and helped her realize her identity to becoming Nicole. At age 18, Nicole underwent sex reassignment surgery. I was struck by how fully this young boy knew himself – inside and out. He knew, without a doubt that he was meant to be female, despite what his birth anatomy dictated. As Nicole, she stood fully in herself, never wavering about who she was, even in times of harassment and fear. How remarkable for someone so young to know themselves so deeply.
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Tongue Tension Tamers

09-Aug-2016 - I'm super excited for this week's Bliss Bite, which comes from one of our YB community members. She emailed me last week about tension in her tongue - which she called a "stressed tongue."

I’m not an expert on tongues or mouth/tongue positioning, but I have read some interesting information on it. It seems like the best place to rest the tongue is toward the roof of the mouth – with the tip of the tongue on the roof just behind, but not touching, your top teeth, (like you were saying the letter “n”) and the back of the tongue up as well toward the roof of the mouth. From what I understand this positioning can help with head, teeth and jaw positioning, tmj, swallowing, singing and more. Again, I’m not an expert but I’m interested in learning more.

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Restorative Yoga Helps and Here's Why

15-Jul-2016 - Welcome back to part 4 of our survey question responses. Over these past few weeks, we’ve been talking about Reiki and Restorative Yoga and their benefits as a way to clarify the importance of these practices. While it may seem like a luxury of time and money to give yourself the gift of these practices, I hope you’re beginning to see their value, and how they can support you in carving out time that is just for you so you can improve the quality of your life.

When you stop and think of how run down and depleted we can get and how that affects our health, our mood, our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, even our relationships with ourselves and our work, it seems like a no-brainer to make a commitment to taking care of yourself, making your well-bring a priority, so you can move back to being rested, balanced, and at ease. Reiki and Restorative Yoga with Reiki can get you there.

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What is Restorative Yoga Anyway?

06-Jul-2016 - So now that we’ve explored a little about Reiki, I thought we’d spend some time exploring Restorative Yoga, which is a practice that is very dear to me. Restorative Yoga is a physical practice of yoga where we place the body in mostly reclining positions and support it with yoga props like blocks and blankets to facilitate opening with the least amount of effort.

Unlike active asana (yoga positions) practices, where we use muscular energy to position the body – to build strength and flexibility – restorative yoga is a very passive, introspective and meditative practice. By placing the supports very specifically, we allow the bones and muscles to be relieved of their work of supporting and moving us through space. Plus, we can choose how to place the supports depending on what areas of the body we want to open and stimulate or quiet and calm. We use the breath to help the body let go of stress more easily and to help quiet the mind.

Since we spend the bulk of our days working, running errands, taking care of our families, and maybe even exercising, restorative yoga invites us to pause and consciously choose stillness as a way to restore our bodies, minds and spirits. It’s through this restful practice that we recharge our batteries.

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Bliss BItes # 61: Reiki Can Help You

28-Jun-2016 - Welcome back to part 2 of our survey question responses. We left off talking about “What is Reiki?” Now we head on to “What are the benefits of Reiki and how does it actually work?”

While we can’t say exactly how Reiki works, studies have shown that Reiki can help in a variety of ways. “Studies and anecdotal evidence has shown that, in addition to promoting relaxation among patients, Reiki can also be used to encourage healing and provide other benefits.” (How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients, The benefits of a regular Reiki practice can be experienced physically, mentally/emotionally and energetically.


•Reduces muscular tension in the body
•Strengthens the immune system
•Supports healing after injury or surgery – even speeding up recovery time
•Reduces aches and pain
•Reduces nausea and vomiting post chemo treatment

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Bliss Bites #60: What is Reiki?

21-Jun-2016 - A few weeks ago I sent out a brief survey on busting stress and improving our overall well-being through Reiki to see how I might be able to better support you on your wellness journey. It was great to see your responses and learn more about what you are in need of. Some of the questions that came out of the survey have also been useful to me too, so I’m devoting the next several Bliss Bites to answering those questions.

Plus, I’m creating 3 FREE practices to help you reduce stress, rebalance, and center yourself so that you can move toward living with more ease and balance. Be on the lookout for those!
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A Great Makeover in 1 Simple Step

15-Feb-2016 - Greetings dear friends!

As many of you know, when we moved to Western MA two years ago, we did so with the notion of exploring a different way of life, trying something new, even recreating ourselves to some extent. How we were doing our lives in NYC was just not working in the way we had hoped anymore. Armed with that, as well as images for how we wanted our life to look and feel, we shook up the snow globe and made the leap from super-city -living to small-college-town living.

Like any big change there’s always a period of adjustment – and we had much to adjust to: a house, and all that goes with that (hint, when there’s a leak, there’s no super to call – you are the super!), driving (20 years is a long time to not be behind the wheel), new jobs and communities…you get the gist. And adjust we have: we’re getting the rhythm of the area, meeting nice folks, building relationships with colleagues, in essence building a life here.
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A Fresh Start

15-Jan-2016 - Happy 2016 everyone! It’s hard to believe that another year has ended and a new one begun. But that’s the nature of things isn’t it? The tide rolls in and rolls out; we move from season to season, sometimes more seamlessly and other times more abruptly; we breathe in and breathe out, with one breath moving into the next; we move from one month to the next and one year to the next. The practice of endings and beginnings is all around us.

And with each new beginning we get to start fresh – it’s like a magic re-set button.


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Awaken to your Light!

21-Dec-2015 - Dear friends,

The holidays are just around the corner and winter officially starts today - Happy Winter Solstice!

As we move toward the longest night and the dark we are reminded that on the other side of the darkest day we move back toward light. As we approach the joy, excitement, and busyness of the holidays and move through the dark and cold of winter it’s important to remember to slow down and take some time to get still and quiet, and go inward – to go in to the dark and move toward the light within you..

Here are a few easy things you can do for yourself to stay tuned in to you when things feel a little overwhelming as the holidays and the new year approach
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A full heart=GRATITUDE!

10-Nov-2015 - Dear friends - What a magical time of year this is. We are transitioning ever closer to winter, and the wonder that is the holiday season. No matter what is happening, or how old I get I can’t help but feel the tug of excitement and anticipation of this season: being with family and friends and celebrate; enjoying yummy foods; feeling the warmth, joy, and sense of fullness this time of year evokes – mmmmm.

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to return to NYC to share yoga with some of my long-time students and friends. For me, it was the most heart-warming and magical day. We all met at a friend’s studio, unrolled our mats and began class as if we had just had class the week before. What a joy to see everyone moving together, breathing the same breath, exploring their practice with mindfulness and curiosity. We all shared a similar language of body, breath, mind and heart. My heart swelled during Savasana, knowing that our time, for now anyway, would soon be over. But the feeling of fullness and buoyancy in my heart has lingered now for weeks, and I’m so grateful to all of you for that.

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Don't Forget About You!

23-Sep-2015 - Well here we are friends – back in the middle of September. It’s hard to believe summer is over, fall officially begins today, and before we know it winter will be revealing itself, with all its beauty and challenges.

Sunday, in fact, was a gorgeous day – a perfect fall day with bright, dazzling sunlight, cool. crisp air, and the luscious smell of leaves, grass, and apples. A perfect day for running, biking, apple picking, and then of course, baking – all of which we did!
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Wake up call!

30-Aug-2015 - “Grow where you are planted.”

Have you ever had the experience where something kept turning up, be it a situation, a person, a recurring problem…and you felt like there just must be some reason for it, but you didn’t know exactly what it was?

Well, that’s been my experience with the above quote. I keep coming across it (or variations on it) - be it in other newsletters, notes, readings…and it dawned on me that I in the last 20 months, I have neither planted myself nor grown. Despite my efforts to settle in and my “belief” that I was settling in, I really haven’t. Yikes, what a huge and scary wake-up call. I decided that it was time to really look at this quote, as simple as it is, to see how I could more fully apply this to my life.
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It's Not Just Physical

20-Jul-2015 - “This yoga is not for exercise. Yoga is showing where to look for the soul.” Sri K. Patthabi Jois
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Pop Up for a Cause

05-Jul-2015 - Over the years, during the month of July, Jonathan and I would make it a priority to receive a hug from Amma and soak in her warm, peaceful, radiant energy. Amma is known as the hugging saint. She travels the world spreading her message of love through hugs and Dharma talks. The last time, though, that we were able to be in her presence was in 2012 when Maddie was only months old. She too received Amma’s warm, loving embrace.
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Summer of Change

22-Jun-2015 - Happy Summer! It always seems so strange to me that in mid-June we move toward the longest day and the shortest night and begin to transition to shorter days and longer nights. It seems too early in the summer season for this to be happening. When I was a kid, the days seemed to go on forever – we’d play outside until 9pm, and in my memory we had some bit of daylight. Funny that…

And just as we begin our official shift into the summer season and all that it brings, and we come to the end of another school year (can you tell I'm married to a school teacher?!), I am once again struck by how challenging and unsettling transitions are for me.
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Chakra 8: Good Vibes!

10-Jun-2015 - So, my friends, we have explored all 7 chakras. I hope you had as much fun as I did and learned a little something new about yourself along the way.

Hop on over to our Facebook page and share one thing you liked or learned from our Chakra sessions.

In many traditions there are only 7 main chakras. But, there are schools of thought that consider the energy around us – our aura, or electro-magnetic field - to be the 8th chakra. I like to think that too. Have you ever been around folks how just give off a really good vibe and you just want to hang out with them? Or perhaps you’ve been in a situation where the opposite is true – you’re around perfectly nice people, but something about their energy drags you down or clashes with your energy. I happen to think that those “feelings” are important to notice.

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Just Listen

08-Jun-2015 - So, slowly we’ve begun to make connections in our new town. I’ll admit, it was difficult during the winter months to meet people. We were all darting from the cold to the warmth of cars or houses with not much more than a wave or a “Hey, how’s it going?”
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Chakra 7: You are Divine!

25-May-2015 - The 7th chakra, Sahasrara (thousand-fold), resides at the crown of our head. The image associated with this energy center is a lotus flower with one thousand petals, which is said to symbolize purity and spirituality.

This chakra synthesizes all the other chakras. When we bring this chakra into balance we feel connected to the Divine source within and around us. Meditation is probably the best way to tap into the 7th chakra; through meditation we work with observing our thoughts and thought patterns, and guiding the mind toward a more focused place, or at least a place where the mind isn’t as disturbed by the thoughts.

Here’s a simple meditation practice you can do anywhere, any time:
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Chakra 6: What do you really see?

11-May-2015 - My experience, as we climb up the chakra ladder, is that our work becomes a little more subtle. Working with our lower chakras encouraged us to get grounded and take care of our basic needs; get fired up and awaken to our creativity and inner power. The 6th chakra, however, asks us to go in and get quiet and simply listen. Easier said than done :-)

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Chakra 5: Express Yourself

14-Apr-2015 - Our 5th chakra lives in the throat region and affects our throat, jaw, and mouth. As you can imagine this chakra has a lot to do with speaking. But looking at it from an even larger perspective, it has to do with communication: not only speaking, but writing, listening, moving…however you interact with the world around you. It’s about conveying our voice, our purpose to the world, expressing ourselves, and “speaking” our truth so that we can show up fully and authentically in our lives.

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Chakra 4: Open your heart and say...

23-Mar-2015 - The heart chakra: Anahata, which translates into “unstruck” or “unhurt”. As we explore the 4th chakra, we are reminded that deep within us, beyond the painful and broken-hearted experiences we’ve all suffered, we are whole and complete, filled with love and compassion.

Through the heart chakra we open ourselves to others and are able to experience a sense of deep connection, harmony and peace.
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Ignite Your Inner Fire: Chakra 3

03-Mar-2015 - Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying our chakra exploration thus far. Please leave a comment on You Tube or Facebook and let me know what you’re digging and what you’d like more info on. We’ve got five more chakras to go and five more practices to explore, and I really would love for you to experience the powerful effects of balancing these energy centers!

So, the 3rd chakra – Manipura – this is where we create the power for transformation and change.
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Let Go & Go With the Flow: Chakra 2

16-Feb-2015 - So how did your exploration with the 1st chakra go? Did you find yourself feeling more grounded and centered? If you’re not sure, keep a journal and take a moment after each practice session with the chakras to write down what your experience was like – how you are feeling post-practice. It can be really informative and illuminating.

Moving onward and upward to the 2nd chakra – Svadisthana – which lies in the pelvic region. Our hips, pelvis, reproductive organs, low back and kidneys are governed by this chakra. This chakra is about opening to and experiencing joy and pleasure. Water is the element associated with this chakra. Since water flows and moves, balancing this chakra can help us learn to “go with the flow.”

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Chakra 1:  Getting Grounded

04-Feb-2015 - It’s hard to believe we are already into February. 2015, while still new, seems to be going fast. As we begin a new year, it can be really exciting to have 12 months out in front of us, full of possibility. But it can also be really scary and daunting to have 12 months out in front of us, waiting for us to create something wonderful with.
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Spinning Your Wheels

19-Jan-2015 - When I first started teaching yoga to my community in Harlem I ran the classes as eight week series. I found having a theme running through those eight weeks helped to give me and the folks in class a focus. As I began this year, I felt very muddy in my brain and in my gut as to what I wanted to offer my classes. So I decided to utilize this practice of an on-going theme to help give me some direction. I came back to the chakras. It seemed perfect, as we begin a new year, to spend some rebalancing our energies.

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Intention: You

06-Jan-2015 - Happy New Year everyone!! Wishing you all deep contentment and fulfillment and loads of laughter and happiness in 2015!!
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You Matter

30-Dec-2014 - As we move into this festive, exciting and busy time of year, it’s so important to remember to make yourself a priority.  As you buy and make gifts for your loved ones, remember to give to yourself the gift of self-care.
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With Gratitude

27-Nov-2014 - If the only prayer you say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice.
- Meister Eckhart (from Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan)
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3 Simple Poses to Help You Relax

09-Nov-2014 - Welcome to November! As we move deeper into this glorious fall season, we are beginning to see the signs of winter quickly approaching: chillier mornings, earlier sunsets, animals scurrying about preparing to hunker down for the next few months, and maybe even a little frost on the ground in the morning. We might even notice shifts within ourselves: the desire to eat warmer, thicker foods, the need to cozy up with a blanket, the challenge of getting up in the darkness of the morning, and even the tendency to want to do more indoor activities.
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You’re Grounded

27-Oct-2014 - Hi guys! How’s your practice been going? As I shared in our last Bite, it can be really challenging to maintain a sense of order and consistency with our practice during this change of seasons. But it really is THE Perfect time to reestablish your rhythm and connection to your practice, especially as the holidays draw near. There will be a million reasons not to practice – holiday shopping, parties, cooking, baking – so set the tone now and make your practice a regular, realistic, and yet not-negotiable part of your schedule.
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Happy Fall

13-Oct-2014 -
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Mat Motivation

30-Sep-2014 - Yikes – it is really dark in the morning these days! It makes getting out of bed and getting motivated to do anything really difficult. And, if you’re like me, the wee hours of the morning are my yoga time. But with the slight chill in the air and the darkness of night still lingering, in the bed vs yoga mat dual, bed often wins!
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Breathe and move

14-Sep-2014 - Happy fall everyone! This time of year is rich with freshly harvested foods, gorgeous colors of fruits, veggies and leaves, and of course, crisp, bright days. It’s the perfect time of year to reconnect with the practice of gratitude. I know one thing I’m grateful for is being able to teach yoga and share reiki up in Western Massachusetts. I feel quite blessed to be connecting with wonderful people who value, as my NYC yogis do, the many benefits a consistent yoga and reiki practice can bring.
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Back in d’groove

01-Sep-2014 - Okay gang, here we go again: back to school, back to regular schedules, back to our post-summer real-life routines. For some of us it’s a big shift, while for others, it’s a more subtle shift. But, nevertheless, there is a shift occurring: if nothing else, we are in the beginning stages of the weather changing from summer to fall with fewer hours of daylight, and that definitely can affect our internal clock, our mood, and our energy level. No matter how drastic the changes this time of year brings, with a little awareness and fine-tuning we can still maintain our wellness routines and take good care of ourselves.
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Walkin’ Your Talk

13-Aug-2014 - Maddie Rose is a little over 2 years old now, and is talking up a storm. She’s so aware of everything around her; comments on everything she sees, much of which I don’t notice until she’s pointed it out; and mimics everything she hears, which isn’t always great for me. The other day, for instance, the dogs were having a rough day; there was a lot of activity in and around the house, and they were barking for what seemed like all day long...
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Meditation in Motion

20-Jul-2014 - ast Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to take a Reiki workshop with an extremely gifted Reiki Master Teacher. I was so excited to take this workshop, meet other people in the Reiki community and deepen my skills. The only catch was that it was almost 2 hours away from me. In the past, I wouldn’t have cared – I’d hop on the subway with my Yoga Journal, my Reiki notebook, some snacks and I’d be set. In this case, however, I had to drive – strangely there are no subways from Northampton to Newton. Now remember, prior to moving here 8 months ago, I hadn’t really driven a car in about 20 years. And since I’ve been here, I’ve only been doing local driving. I think my longest excursion thus far was about 45 minutes and I took the back roads.
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It’s Interesting…

06-Jul-2014 - t’s so interesting…to me anyway…

Since last August, when Jonathan started his new job and I became full-time-dog-and-baby wrangler, I’ve been dreaming about what life would be like once June arrived and Jonathan would be done with school
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We Are All Connected

22-Jun-2014 - About 2 years ago or so, Jonathan played this song for me, and I fell in love with it instantly: the sounds, the rhythms, the words all spoke to me on a very gut level. At the time, I wanted to choreograph something to it, but I knew I could never do it justice. I was reminded of it again a few weeks ago when Jonathan played the Muppets episode that featured Harry Belafonte and the song for Maddie. She, like I, was enthralled by the song (and the muppets), and we watched at least 3 times in a row.
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25-May-2014 - Hi friends! You know, every now and again I like to share quotes or passages that resonate with me, in the hopes that they will resonate and inspire you as well. Well, here’s an excerpt from a favorite author we’ve been reading a lot of in the Tascione-Weil household. I’ll admit that it’s from a children’s book, but the message in this particular book, and honestly in all of the books we’ve read by this author, is beautiful and simply powerful.
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Chill Out with Soup

11-May-2014 - The photo of Soupy inspired this Bite. In fact, when I sat down to write this, both dogs where lounging in the living room. They looked so peaceful I thought I’d join them. Upon closer inspection, I found Soupy asleep (see above-mentioned picture) and Maisie staring out the window, waiting, I’m sure, for something to happen. ...
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Why do you practice?

27-Apr-2014 - Hi friends! Hoping this note finds you well. As I mentioned back in January, establishing my personal practice up here in Northampton has been more challenging than I imagined it would be. I still struggle with my time on my mat, largely I think, because my schedule is lacking the structure it had before. When I was living in NYC, even though I was getting on my mat for my personal practice, it was always guided by the fact that I was teaching at some point in the day. As you know, all of my classes came in some way, shape or form from my personal practice, and that demanded me to bring awareness, clarity, and intention to those practices. And, even though I’ve been carving out time at night for practice it somehow is still not feeling like my practice.
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Catch some zzzzz’s

13-Apr-2014 - It’s so great that, despite the distance, we can all stay in touch via email and facebook. After the last Bite on breathing your stress away, I received an email from one of our Yoga Bliss community peeps.  She was emailing to let me know how stress reveals itself in her life and in her body.  Her email became the inspiration for our latest Bite – stress and sleep and how yoga can potentially help - so thank you for your contribution!
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Practice Something

15-Oct-2013 - With all the changes going on in my life right now, it has been difficult to maintain a consistent practice.  And honestly, I've been a little less inspired to get on my mat and practice and meditate.
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Wondrous You

25-Sep-2013 - A colleague of mine sent an email with a portion of the following poem, and it prompted me to look for the whole piece.  I thought it was a beautiful reminder that where you are is where you are supposed to be, no matter how challenging it might feel; and to never doubt, even in your darkest, murkiest times, how truly wondrous you are.
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Lay it on the Table

12-Sep-2013 - Yesterday was the first time I was not in NYC to honor September 11th its casualties. While it's hard being there remembering what happened, it was much harder not to be there.  I couldn't even watch the ceremony on TV.  I felt very far from my city that I love so dearly and my friends who struggled alongside me during the horrific events that unfolded that day 12 years ago.
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20-May-2013 - I saw this on a bumper sticker on a car in my neighborhood.  It made me smile and got me thinking about the energy I put out in the world on a daily basis.
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Make Peace With the Moment

06-May-2013 - The next time you get on your mat and you feel tight and stiff, or sit to meditate and notice your mind jumping all over the place, or are faced with a challenging situation, can you simply acknowledge that this is the way things are at the moment and make peace with the moment?
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Reiki Self Care

22-Apr-2013 - As you know, Reiki has become a very important practice and a growing part of my life.  I find it incredibly soothing, peaceful, and centering, especially before I fall asleep.  But, I also call on it during the day when I feel stressed or disconnected.
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Yoga in Action

08-Apr-2013 - I read this in Yoga Journal the other day, and I thought it a great reminder of how our yoga practice can be with us all the time.
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Stay Present

11-Mar-2013 - Here's a simple way to stay present and connected with everything around you.
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This is Bliss - Spring 2013

01-Mar-2013 - Shifting and giving in are not the same thing. (from A Year of Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater.)
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Express Gratitude

25-Feb-2013 - Very simply, take a moment and either mentally note or write down something you are grateful for.
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11-Feb-2013 - Right now, pause and take 3 conscious breaths.  Notice how you feel. (these breaths don't have to be the deepest or fullest.  Just try to pay attention to the fact that you are breathing.  Very naturally and organically  they just might deepen on their
own, simply because you are paying attention.)
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This is Bliss - Winter 2012

01-Jan-2012 - As we come to the end of another year, and I finish up my ninth year of teaching yoga and running Yoga Bliss, I find myself thinking about what practicing and teaching yoga mean to me. Some of the things I've been reflecting on are the beauty and synchronicity of the body and the breath; how the practice encourages us to not only go inward and honor ourselves, but to adapt the practice to meet our needs; how grateful I am for the practice and its ability to soothe my soul and get me out of my head and ultimately out of my own way; how I love our yoga community, and the variety and range of personalities of people coming together to practice; how the practice can teach us whatever it is we need to learn and how it helps us to get in touch with the best parts of ourselves. And while I value all of these things immensely, one of the things that I value most is the fact that it is a practice - how great is that? Just by calling it a practice and framing it in that way allows me to keep coming back to my mat day after day, year after year, and playing with the poses and figuring out how the teachings can be a more integral part of my life. Looking at it through that lens gives me permission to not know, to explore, to be uncertain, to try and even fail and try again. And all I have to do is simply unroll my mat and sit and breathe and move. But the rub is that I, we, have to show up regularly on the mat to sit and breathe and move.
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This is Bliss - Fall 2007

21-Sep-2007 - For the first time in a long time I’m sad to see the summer go. When I was a kid the end of summer meant only one thing – back to school, lots of homework, no more playing jailbreak until 10pm, no more chasing after the ice-cream truck, and no more bike rides to the candy store… When I became an adult, however, summer only meant going to work in the heat, sweating a lot, feeling low energy, and sick to my stomach most of the time. I couldn’t wait until the heat and humidity were gone and the cooler weather arrived.
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This is Bliss - Summer 2007

21-Jun-2007 - As I sit down to write the summer issue of this is bliss, my mom is closing the sale on the house that I grew up in. Luckily I got to go home last weekend to say my final good-byes: to walk through each room and remember the feelings, sensations, and memories associated with each room; to hang out in the backyard where I learned to play football and baseball, where we hosted many outdoor family gatherings, where, with my dad’s coaxing, I first let Jasper, the ex-street dog, run free. I realized we had really done a lot of living in that house.
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This is Bliss - Spring 2007

21-Mar-2007 - Spring always feels like a very creative time of year to me. As I see the flowers and trees getting ready to bloom, I can’t help but think what kinds of things will be blossoming in my own life. Lately I’ve been thinking about how my yoga practice has been growing and changing over the last few years. As many of you know, my first taste of yoga was in a gym class in high school. That was the beginning of my fascination with this practice. My second foray came much later, while I was living in Manhattan during the height of my acting/auditioning “career” when I was busy trying to be tall, small, funny, serious, the young mom, the quirky best friend. But I believe my yoga practice truly began when due to limited financial resources (i.e. no money) I was forced to stop taking classes. Having fallen in love with yoga I wasn’t about to give it up again, so I basically started practicing at home, trying to re-create some of the asanas and sequences as I remembered from class. I would supplement those memories with bits that I read in Yoga Journal and things I would pick up from videos. In the end what was so interesting is that none of those things solely made up my practice. It became a smorgasbord. Before I knew it I had created my own yoga practice and it was coming from me – how I felt, what I needed to explore that day. I had a loose idea about sequencing, but it was really about what felt good.
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This is Bliss - Winter 2006

01-Dec-2006 - One way or another, life is a rush. It can be a rush of time flying by us, or it can be a rush of excitement sweeping us up. Time flies on its own. The rush of excitement comes through the actions of people building a life that they love. You have to create it yourself. from Live What You Love, by Bob and Melinda Blanchard
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This is Bliss - Fall 2006

01-Sep-2006 - We are moving into my most favorite season of all – FALL! One of the things I love most about living on the East Coast is that we get to experience the beauty of each of the four seasons and the changes that arise with each season. By noticing the difference of each season, we are reminded that it is the nature of things to change. Just look outside – the parks that were once filled with people basking in the sun and barbecuing are now a little less populated, the once green leaves start to take on those orange and red hues and flutter to the ground. Even in our homes we see change – like the strategic shifting of our closets from summer clothes to winter clothes (that’s for my NY folks in tiny apartments); or look in the kitchen - one minute the sink is empty of dishes, the next it’s full, and then you clean them and it’s empty, and then of course you eat, and it’s full, and so on.
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This is Bliss - Summer 2006

02-Jun-2006 - Sweet Summer Salutations!!!!
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This is Bliss - Spring 2006

01-Feb-2006 - Well my friends…another season, another issue of this is bliss. I always have mixed emotions as spring arrives. I feel the tinge of anticipation for the warmth of the sun and the sweet breeze on my cheek mixed with the sadness of leaving winter with its holidays, the cuddliness of blankets, the rich darkness, topped off with dread over the heat of summer and joy over having a little extra time with family and friends once the school year is over. (As you can see this is a very confusing time for me!!!!!)
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This is Bliss - Winter 2005

01-Dec-2005 - Welcome to winter my friends. Despite a fall of wind and rain, chilly, chilly days followed oddly by balmy, spring-like days, we have arrived in the dark season of winter. As we move toward colder weather and shorter days, we might very naturally move toward a sense of quiet, hibernation, turning inward, which seems very much in tune with what is going on around us; the trees are barren, the flowers are no longer in bloom, even the squirrels in my neighborhood are all hidden away preserving their energy. And thank goodness for that - my dog, Jasper hates, or shall I say cares very little for squirrels - we can finally walk around the park in peace!
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This is Bliss - Fall 2005

01-Sep-2005 - Happy fall everyone - after a grueling summer we are well-deserving of a lovely fall, abundant in the rich vibrant colors of reds and oranges, the crispness of the air, and of course, cooler weather. This is truly my favorite time of the year. I love the way the air smells – crisp, alive – how it energizes me. I also love that fall is traditionally a time for harvesting. When I was a kid in Cherry Hill there was an apple orchard (you thought I was gonna say cherries didn’t you???) behind my house. The owner of the farm would let us have the apples that had fallen to the ground during harvesting for free. Now it wasn’t much of an apple picking ritual, but there was something special about running through the rows and rows of apple trees and collecting as many apples as possible. What kindness and generosity to allow this privilege of traipsing through the beautiful trees, smelling the fragrance of the apples, and of course delighting in their sweet juiciness. That memory serves me as a reminder that it is also a time for giving thanks. In the past, people may have given thanks for a good harvest that would sustain families through the long winter months.
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