Thanks for meeting me here. I’m Beth, and I’ve been helping people like you to slow down, breathe, relieve stress, feel stronger in their bodies, quieter in the their minds, and more present in their lives.

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FREE inspirational tips on self care through Reiki and Yoga

SIGN UP to keep in the loop with all of our offerings and to receive

FREE inspirational tips on self care through Reiki and Yoga

Life can get really busy sometimes: time seems to go by faster and faster, and finding some personal and nourishing down-time seems like a rare gift rather than the norm. While we may not be able to change that completely, we can certainly do things to take care of ourselves so that we can face all the demands of life in the 21st century with energy, ease, and awareness. My yoga and Reiki offerings can help you take care of yourself so that you can recharge and replenish, and do what you do with more joy, clarity, and balance, and from a place of strength, rather than depletion.


Are you ready to let go of the busy-ness of life?
Are you yearning to slow down, breathe, and unwind the tension and tightness?
Are you craving to move your body, build strength and develop flexibility?
Are you in need of some down-time: time that is just for you; time to nourish yourself?
Are you curious about restoring a sense of balance to your life?
Are you ready to live more fully and freely, and with more awareness?

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It's O.K to be kind & gentle with yourself

17-May-2019 - Whew, it’s been a really busy couple of months on my end. Some of the busyness has been really good and exciting (like a class that I’m taking, teaching classes to an amazing community, and planning Easter and Maddie’s birthday), and some of it has just been pain old challenging (like prepping taxes, managing a sick kiddo and a sick dog).

Lately, my morning meditations have been really brief – and honestly they have turned into mini-meditations throughout the day – which I’ve come to value deeply. During these mini-meditations, leaning into my breath has been the most useful tool. Just pausing and taking a few conscious breaths has saved me time and time again from acting in less-than-constructive ways. Those few moments with my breath allow me enough time to slow down, re-group and shift toward a more settled and grounded place.
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